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Asahi International School established in 1973 and started Japanese language course in April, 1981. AIS is an accredited member of Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education, and the first accredited agency of applying for certificate of eligibility as No. 87-1.

Where is Asahi International School? What kind of place is there?

Asahi International School locates in Kashiwa, Chiba. As a pet-town of Tokyo, Kashiwa has the famous Tokyo Disney Resort at the beautiful Tokyo Bay. Kasahi is in the northwest of Chiba Pref. It takes about 20 minutes to go to Ueno. The traffic is very convinient with Joban Line, Chiyoda Line, Tobu-noda Line and the Tsukuba Express Line passing here. Kashiwa has become to another gathering place beside Harajuku. Moreover, Kashiwa is a culture city, too. There are many universities around here.

Where students live?

We also have domitary for foriegn students during the period they study in our school.

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 Applicants apply for the enrollment of October 2019 or April 2020 of Asahi International School Tsuchiura Campus will get an exemption of the screening fee and entrance fee from the tuition upon entering the school. 
2015 Graduation Ceremony
Disney Land 2012
Food Party

20120903033802339_easyicon_cn_24.png   There will be a new tuition system from the October intake, 2019. Hereafter follows the tuition of the first acadamic year:

      Application Fee            22,000→   22,000

      Matruiculation Fee       55,000→   55,000

      School Fee                  567,600→   598,800

      Material Fee & Others   52,800→   60,200

20120903033802339_easyicon_cn_24.png    The 2nd JLPT in 2019

         Application period (within the school): August 19 ~ September 6

    Please contact us if you need any help about the application for the January intake.

20120903033802339_easyicon_cn_24.png   The summer semester starts from July 1 till September 26. The summer vocation is from August 2 to 18. There's no lecture on August 2. The second grade needs to come to school for a medical examination. The new July enrollers please come to school to join the welcome party.

※ '18 Graduation ceremony. Congratulations!



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