April 7th

Spring Session Starts

April 28th– May 8th

Golden Week Holiday (The school   office opens as of the calendar)

May 27th

Excursion  (Tokyo  Disney Resort)

June 6th , 7th

Final Exam

June 19st

EJU 2016’ (1st  session)

June 24th

Last day of spring session

July 1st

Summer session starts

July 3th

JLPT 2016’ (1st  session)

July 18th  

Public Holiday

July 30th– August 15th

Bon Holiday Period (The staffs  have  holiday in shifts)

September 7th, 8th

Final Exam

September 19th

Public Holiday

September 22nd

Public Holiday

September 28th

Last day of summer session

October 11th

Autumn session starts

November 3rd

Public Holiday

November 4th

School Holiday

November 13th

EJU 2016’ (2nd  session)

November 23rd  

Public Holiday

December 4th

JLPT 2016’ (2nd  session)

December 8th,  9th

Final Exam

December 22nd  

Last day of autumn session

December 23rd

–  January 9th ,2017

Winter  Vacation


January 10th

Winter session starts

February 23rd , 24th

Graduation  Exam

March 2nd, 3rd  

Final Exam

March 10th

Graduation   Ceremony

March 17th  

Last day of winter session

March 18th–April 10th

Spring   Vacation (The school office opens as usual)

 2017’ Academic Year starts from April 10th,   2017.