The motto of Asahi International School is “正しく実用的な日本語の習得.” We endeavor to develop a global platform for all international communications and cultivate cosmopolitans with intelligence, experience, and consideration to flourish worldwide.

Educational Objectives

* Education to awake the students to study voluntarily

* Education to enable the students to lead a substantial life in Japan under a peaceful and safe environment

* Education to cultivate the students to pioneer their future with the Japanese language

Characters to Cultivate

* Talented human resources combine with discretion

* Brains flourish worldwide and fully understand various societies and cultures

* Excellent graduates who would bring the splendor of Japan to all over the world

     Asahi International School was established in Harajuku, Tokyo in 1973  Then from the year 1981, we've devolved into the Japanese language education for near 50 years. As a member of Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education (Nisshinkyo), Asahi International School was the first authorized Japanese school as No. 87-1 which could apply for the Certificate of Eligibility for the overseas applicants.  
       Asahi International School locates in a city named "Kashiwa" in Chiba Prefecture which have a population of about around 400,000. Many foreigners resident here because it's convenience of transportation towards the downtown of Tokyo. Joban Line, Tobu Line and Tsukuba Express Line run through Kashiwa city and provide a rapid way to go to Asakusa or Disney Resort in about 30 minutes.
       Kashiwa is a cultural city where Tokyo University, Chiba University, Tokyo University of Science, Reitaku University and Nishogakusha University placed their campus.
    Asahi International School is about 5 minutes' walk to the Kashiwa station, surrounded by secondary schools and cramming schools. Almost all the students of Asahi live at some convenient spots around the school. All the teachers here are professional Japanese educators with skills and concerns about students. We provide test-preparation lessons as well as the ordinary Japanese language lectures with a strong back up from experienced teachers who were engaged in the editing of "JLPT Bible"--Kanzen Master N1, N2 grammar and kanji.
    We are making exertions to provide our students a safe surroundings to focus on their studies. We have dormitory accommodation (limited number of rooms). In addition, there're loan-based scholarships for those who are willing to work as caregivers in the future. Besides that, to encourage the students, we grant the students who pass the N1 or N2 of JLPT during their study here an incentive on their graduation ceremony.
    In recent years, Japan has made remarkable progress in the fields of economy, science, and technology. International activities have become increasingly active, and communication between Japan and other countries has become more popular than before. As a result, more and more foreign students and business people come here for further study as well as a business chance. Therefore, the problem of “language” comes into our view. It is the most important issue not only for us Japanese who are isolated from the world due to economic frictions but for all foreigners coming to Japan to learn Japanese culture.

       Asahi International School has been endeavoring to develop global human resources and create a place for international cultural exchange through the Japanese language education for foreigners.

       From now on, Asahi Kokusai Gakuin will continue our educational activities aimed at understanding the true form of language under the motto “Acquisition of Correct and Practical Language”. We want to be a bridge that connects countries, cultures, people and hearts with the word “word” as a keyword.

Headmaster: Takeshi Ohmori
School History
October, 1973
April, 1981
November, 1983
December, 1984
December, 1986
January, 1987
March, 1989
March, 1996
April, 2001
April, 2006
August, 2019
Established in Shibuya *Harajyuku(, Tokyo as an English school
Japanese language course opened
Williams Academy Ltd. established
Changed the company name into Asahi Gakuin Ltd.
Became a member school of Nisshinkyo
Authorized by the Ministry of Justice as a representative of applicants
Kashiwa campus opened at Asahi-Chou, Kashiwa-City
Harajuku campus closed
New campus opened at Akehara, Kashiwa-City
Moved to Akehara (present address)
Tsuchiura campus authorized