Short Term Course

   This course is for students willing to study Japanese during the vocation between semesters with a maximum of 90 days. The school will send the Certificate of Acceptance for individuals conveniece on applying the visa of 'temperary visitor' (Caution: We don't provide other documents except the Certificate of Acceptance). Basiclly, the student will attend the regular course class and study with college students. Enrollment from the start of each semester is expected. However, it depends on the permittion of the visa. (The exact period of the semester is different according to  the school year plan. Please contact the school to get the newest information.)

Spring Semester Apil--June
Summer Semester July--September
Autumn Semester October--December
Winter Semester January--March


   You will pay the following fees when you submit the application documents to the school.

Screening Fee ¥10,000 (+ tax)Yen
Admission Fee¥10,000 (+ tax)Yen
Tuition¥108,000 (+ tax)Yen/Semester

1.The text books is actual expenses during to the Japanese capacity.

2.The screening fee will not be refunded by any private reason.