Admissions Policy

1.   Students welcome at Asahi International School

Asahi International School comprises a variety of Japanese language study and strives to make full use of its intellectual environment to foster Japanese capacity and train human resources who aim to the further studyin universities and colleges in Japan.

Based on the philosophy “Introduce the Charming Japanese Languageand Culture”, the school seeks to admit the following kinds of ambitious students.

Individuals with an education background of at least 12 years (It depends on the school system of the individuals' country).

Individuals with an over-150-hour Japanese language learning and prospect to be admitted toat least N5 level of JLPT or other kinds of Japanese proficiency test. (J.TEST, Nat-Test, BJT, TOPJ, GNK, etc.)

Individuals with a strong curiosity about and interest in studying at Asahi International School, and a desire to pursue further studies in Japan.

Individuals with adequate knowledge and skills to form the necessary academic foundation for studying at Asahi International School after admission.

Individuals from countries we have no partner agencies should have personal reference (within third degree relatives) living in Japan (in the range conmmunicating to school: Saitama, Chiba, Tokyo, Ibaraki).

2.    Qualities to be acquired prior to admission to Asahi International School

Prospective students should acquire adequate qualities which enable them to make the most of their knowledge and skills once they have enrolled at Asahi International School.

3.    Screen Method

Screening isbased on a preliminary selection and individual interview.