Regualr Course
This is a regular Japanese language course. There are four semesters every year, and each semester accepts applications for enrollment. We also apply for the "college student" status for overseas applicants when necessary. The most extended term of this course is two years.
After-school Lecture
After-school Lecture is a course for learners living near our school. Students could come here for hourly instruction after their daily school, and the after-school lecture is a beginner-friendly course.
Private Lesson
The student studies the Japanese language with the exclusive instructor, face-to-face or online. The topics and contents are based on the student's needs and goals.
Online Lecture

Online lectures are teaching for people living in remote areas, worried about the corona or abroad. Housewives who are busy and go to school every day are also very welcome. According to the Japanese ability, you can learn to the primary, intermediate and advanced levels.