After-school lecture is a course for residents in Japan. It is convenient for students in primary, middle, and high schools to participate after daytime study. We support students in the improvement of their Japanese ability.

One instructor takes care of a maximum of three students.

We recommend parents of the primary, middle, and high school students to consider this course. Not only children and juniors, adults can enroll in the After-school Lecture as well.

Every learner has the most suitable content. Don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested in this beginner-friendly course.
  Monday ~ Friday (except for  the public and school holidays)
  16:45 ~ 17:30
  It costs only about 1,500 yen once.
  Please feel free to contact us by phone (04-7146-1145)    or Email ( for details.

Private Lesson is a face-to-face or online course for learners expecting more customized content and a flexible timetable.

It is  possible to focus on specific areas for improvement. Beginners to start, advanced learners to speak natural Japanese, employees for a business purpose, trainees to pass the company's requirement, don't hesitate, let's start now! Different from the class lessons, with private lessons, it is possible to correct the pronunciation and intonation, grammar, and kanji again till you are satisfied with the result.

[Details](1 unit =45 min.)
  ◎ Face-to-face
  Location with convenient transportation makes it possible to take a lesson on the way to or back from shopping.
     @11,000 yen for 2 units once

  ◎ Online
  Flexible schedule. Learners from a distance or overseas could take lessons with a smartphone (web camera and earphones with microphone necessary)
     @3,850 yen ~once

Online lectures are a perfect form of instruction for Japanese who live far away or are unwilling to go out for fear of the solar corona or while abroad, who want to take real Japanese lessons. Housewives who are busy with housework and have high school difficulties are also very welcome. Course content is freely available. From junior to advanced Japanese, business Japanese, session center, and other contents. If you have a favorite range, please be sure to discuss it with the school office and the registrar.

   Up to 5 people can attend the classes at the same time. It's possible to study with your friends.